Pot 'TRENCH' + plant 'CALATHEA'


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Make a statement with this sturdy pot. The clay is hand pressed in the mould and the pot is painted afterwards.

  • material: painted hand pressed clay
  • colour: nude/earth
  • dimensions 19,5: ⌀19,5 x H22,5 cm

The Calathea is the plant to go for if you want to create a real urban jungle. It doesn't need too much light since they are used to grow in the shadow under the trees in the Amazon. At night the leafs curl a bit and get together, in the morning as the sun rises the Calathea will shine again with the leaves all spread out.

  • water: better to give them just a little bit twice a week, then once a week and too much water!
  • light: keep the plant on a light place, but out of the sun; you might risk to lose the beautiful patterns of the leaves if gets too much light