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The fracture collection speaks to your imagination. Some say to see the tail of a whale, what do you see?

  • material: ceramics
  • color: dark blue and white
  • dimensions 21: ⌀21xH19,5 cm

The Philodendron is a plant originally from the Amazon. Philodendron comes from latin, 'Philo' = 'loving', 'Dendron' = 'tree'. As the name can tell they really love trees. You have varieties that use the tree to climb up and grow. This Philodendron does not climb up, but it sure grows fast! With its lovely big leaves, this is the perfect plant to fill up an empty corner since it doesn't need too much light!

  • water: make sure the soil is moist all the time, but not too much.
  • light: the Philodendron doesn't need too much light, you can put it easily in a spot that is in the shadow.